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Who We Are

Mechanical Skills, Inc. is a non-profit apprenticeship training program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship Training and the Indiana Plumbing Commission. It is the mission of Mechanical Skills, Inc. to train apprentices that will be able to exercise independent judgment, understand the theory underlying their work, and be knowledgeable of the laws and regulations applicable to their trade.

What is An Apprentice?

The State of Indiana defines an apprentice plumber as an individual “who is learning the plumbing trade; and is under the direction and immediate supervision of a licensed plumbing contractor or a licensed journeyman plumber.” Indiana dictates that the apprentice must be licensed to act as an apprentice plumber. In order to qualify to take the journeyman plumber examination the apprentice must provide evidence that the applicant has completed at least four years in an apprenticeship program approved by the State. Click here for frequently asked questions and program requirements.

Our Mission

It is our mission at Mechanical Skills, Inc. to provide our apprentice plumbers with the best, most well-rounded education in our field. We will continue to provide the means for each of our students to excel in the plumbing field.

What We Do

Mechanical Skills, Inc. provides a high quality 4-year training program. The curriculum is written by a team of contractors, educators, and code and industry experts. The instructors are contractors who have had real-world experience combined with instructor facilitation training. In 2010, Mechanical Skills instructor, Paul Hallam, was named CONTRACTOR magazines national “Plumbing Instructor of the Year.”

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